Blue Engine Teaching Assistants

With the support of the Pincus Family Foundation, Blue Engine partners with schools and teachers to re-architect the American classroom, driving dramatic student growth while simultaneously training future educators in high-need schools.

Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) work alongside mentor teachers to provide personalized support to high school students via an innovative team teaching model. With a 1:6 teacher to student ratio, students grapple with more rigorous material while developing critical social cognitive skills. Learning accelerates for kids at all levels of the bell curve and for Blue Engine seniors, college ready rates have increased nearly 3x. Many BETAs pursue long-term teaching careers, providing schools a localized talent pool of highly effective educators.

Small group instruction enables students to grapple with more rigorous material and learn more in a given year.   

BETAs build strong relationships with each and every child, inspiring students to show up, try hard, and achieve ambitious goals.

With 1-2 years of foundational experience in the classroom, Blue Engine alumni teachers are highly effective educators prepared to make an impact.